I was worried about my cat for weeks, finally got up the courage to take him to the vet and she just called to confirm his labs came back and he is fine. Just skinny by nature. And spoiled into picky eating. $250 to find out I enabled my cat into only eating tuna and salmon and turning his nose up at kibble. I was certain he was dying. My hands were shaking when I brought him in. Not dying. Perfectly healthy. Spoiled. How many of my monsters are imaginary?

10 thoughts on “Hold the funeral, the cat is fine

  1. That’s actually quite funny. I took my cat in because I thought she had an eating disorder (she hardly ate anything). Turns out she was just as the vet put it ‘petite’
    Glad your cat is ok.


  2. My friend had a cat who she thought was dying, and put it on FB.
    So we all told her how sorry we were.
    Then we found out much later, he turned out fine, but she was too embarrassed to let us know.
    I am glad you finicky eater is all right!
    PS- Sounds like my hubs and veggies…he won’t touch any! lol


    1. Yep. A couple months ago I thought he looked a bit thinner (he has always been thin especially for an indoor cat) so I started feeding him tuna and salmon and sardines to supplement his kibble. And he lost more weight. So I took him to the vet. I have also been treating him like he’s dying…making him a bed of fluffy covers and leaving a space heater on for him at night, driving out in the dark to get sardines because he wouldn’t eat. He screamed at me tonight to get the fish and I told him “you’re not dying, kibble is over there.” $250 vet bill because I spoiled my cat.

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